Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a smart decision.

Let's face it...I was probably never going to get caught up. ha. Maybe if Landin was still that little non mobile baby he was when I was actually blogging every day. But he isn't...so I can't. Simple as that.

So I will fast forward from wherever I left of and update you on important parts of the life. Turning one. Pretty big deal, no?

Here are some pictures {both professional and candid!}

My next post will be of his birthday party :) 

Until then,
Landin's mom

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is absolutely the description of me right now. I have come to terms with the fact that this challenge seems to be more about helping me focus on capturing every day life and enjoying every second of it, more so than actually writing every day. After all, if this was meant as a way to enjoy life why would I want to spend the precious days of Landin growing up worrying about writing a blog? So I will enjoy the awake times that I have with my {too quickly growing} 13 month old and write on here when he sleeps.

Until I finally get caught up on the last few months of our life I thought I would show you guys a quick picture of how much our sweet boy has changed since May.


Holy cow, right? He is such a little boy now. You will probably read all of this again when I finally get caught up to August but I will tell you now anyways. Little man has started climing stairs! Up and down and he is pretty awesome at it. He also walks around to find Pookie (our cat) every morning when he wakes up and after nap time just to give her a kiss. His words are getting easier to recognize and he closes doors for us when we ask him to. He also knows when I ask if he is hungry and shakes his head "no" if he isn't but walks over to his high chair if he is...such a genius! In other not so proud news...Landin also sits in that green chair that is half in the picture with the plaid and sticks his tongue out with his finger up his nose...yes, my 13 month old does that. The many joys of parenting. 

So, there is my little Landin's life update! 

Until I post again,
Landin's mom 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home is where your story begins...

So, I know it has been a while.  I seem to always have excuses legitimate reasons for why I can't post and I promise, once I catch up you will understand how busy we have been. Not to mention how quickly our baby turned into a little man...I mean, WOW, is he taking in everything or what.

May 25, 2012. The day that Daniel and I became first time homeowners. {yayyyy!} We love our new home and so does Landin. We are so excited to have a home of our own to raise Landin in. (and I am excited about the fun, educational playroom I have planned!) 

here is Daniel opening our door for the first time!

Landin passed out on our first night in the house. We could have stayed in the hotel longer but what fun would that have been? :)

Until my next post,
Landin's mom

Friday, June 29, 2012

counting down the days...

...9 days. NINE. We have been living in a hotel for over a month and we are on the final countdown. We have already met some awesome friends and Landin has had some fun playdates. Here are the pictures of our final "hotel living" days.
Mrs. Emily giving Landin dinner!

Playdate with Connor!

I love this little man.

SO proud of Landin drinking from a straw!

Dinner with Connor, Carina and Cadance! We had so much fun


Passed out at H.E.B after church.


Hanging out with Dan and Emily!

My Target boy.

Such a big boy loves riding in the "big boy" shopping cart! He was so happy the whole time we were there!

Until next post (where we will be getting into our house!)
Landin's mom

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can't you see the sunshine. Can't you just feel the moon shining...

Yes, I'm gone to Carolina in my mind.

NORTH CAROLINA! I had been waiting for this trip since Christmas, and it was finally here. Unfortunately, Daniel didn't get to come which was bad for two reasons. One, I had to be away from Daniel for the first time since he got back from Iraq in 2012 and two, I had to fly with Landin all. by. myself. Holy cow...can you say stressful? :)

But, he did good and slept on both plane rides (which I know the people beside me were thankful for!) and we made it safe and sounds to a stormy North Carolina...what a welcome!

My little sister graduated! I can't believe she is all grown up! :( She is such a beautiful and mature young lady and I love her so much...

This post also covers my first Mother's day. I got to spend the morning with my mom and nanny and the evening with my husband. I also got to fly from NC to TX with my sweet little boy and get tons of alone time snuggles with him...it was all in all a spectacular day! Anyway, here are the pictures from our awesome visit home!

Landin and his dad reading in the airport the morning we flew to NC. I love seeing the two of them together. This is one of my favorite pictures of them!

Since Dad had to be at work, we had a little bit of a wait at the airport, but Landin did GREAT! especially with his little snacks to hold him over!

Crawling all around the terminal can wear a kid out. Sleeping on the plane!

Parent's house!!!!!

The morning we left. Family picture at 4am!

Landin with Auntie Christi!

Auntie Kellynne getting her tattoo!!! Did I mention she is ALL grown up!

Mrs. Smith! He has had a picture with her every time we have been home since he was born<3

Landin got to meet a magnificent woman who has known me since I was little :) 

Landin loved Ashley, and I think the feeling was mutual. They were super awesome together.

For Dad...we missed you!

"Auntie Kellynne, will you PLEASE take me outside?"

Landin and Brayden playing!

with Nanny :) Looking at his balloon!

Grandpa blowing bubbles for Auntie Jess Jess, Landin and Baylee!

Nana Liz and Pops!

the two babies<3


My beautiful blue-eyed boy before heading to the airport on Mother's day!

Mother's day dinner on the San Antonio riverwalk.
Daniel had everything planned out...it was spectacular.
Balloons all over the room, flowers, and a nice dinner!

Mr. and Mrs. Swinehart

My little munchkin on Mother's day!


Life is pretty amazing. And having this to look back on will be amazing for both Daniel and I and hopefully Landin too!

Landin Gregory,
you are such a special boy and I love you so much!

Until next post,
Landin's mom