Monday, February 27, 2012

Veggie Tales...

Who would have thought that broccoli would be a solution for a crying baby? Well, it cheered Mr. Landin up! While I don't think he fully enjoyed the deliciously healthy snack, he sure didn't hate it either! We did end up with broccoli all over our carper but that is nothing that can't be fixed! I love seeing Landin play and interact with his food. You can tell that he enjoys figuring out the texture, taste and smell of every single thing that we give him to munch on.
On top of finding out that our son likes broccoli, we also went out on a nice family walk today! It was so nice out, I am fairly certain it hit 60* :) I am so excited for the Summer months, I love warm weather!
To Landin:
tomorrow is an exciting day for us...February 28,2012- exactly one year from the day that we found out that you would in fact be a little Landin Gregory instead of a little Aunnalee Elizabeth (the name we have picked out for your maybe someday sister) We waited months for that day and we couldn't have been happier to find out that you would be you and you are the best you. We love you so much.

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom


Look who's pulling himself up!?? It was a big day in the Swinehart household. Landin is changing daily. We think that he will be skipping the crawling stage and going straight to the walking stage. Our strong boy has started pulling himself up on things and he is SO wonderful at it!

Landin also got to skype with his Nanny and Grandpa Fuller. Our families are so great for us being far away! We love that we have such supportive parents, it really does make life so much easier! :)

So we had some walking time, some church time, some skyping time and a lot of family time! It was a wonderful, perfect Sunday!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

a baby shower and a dinner.


This past Saturday was super fun and super busy, but it was great! We started the morning out with a family Target trip :) Those are always great (at least for me!) We then headed to the base for my friend, Beth's baby shower! Showers are always so much fun and Landin was soaking up every second of being around a bunch of ladies!

In the evening, we decided to go eat at Texas Roadhouse. It was packed. We waited for a long 80 minutes which went right into Landin's bedtime. We thought that he would be a train wreck (if you know our son, you know he doesn't do well going past bed time) but he did so wonderful. He sat in the highchair and watched us eat and talk and even did some of his great babbling as well. Landin also tried steak for the first time and he seemed to really enjoy it! It was so nice to watch him and Daniel share dinner, I love it!

I love this picture for today. Like father, like son. He loved wearing his daddy's hat!

Until the next post,
Landin's mom

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a cold day in after a warm day out.

It is crazy to me how quickly weather can change. I guess it is because growing up in school (where ever you live) you are taught that there are four seasons. Teachers show pictures of something that represents each season and that is how you picture the world when you are a little kid. Snow in Winter, Beautiful leaves in the fall, Days out by the pool in the Summertime and lovely flowers blooming in the Spring. I never once remember having an almost 70* day followed by one that barely makes it into the 40's, this just blows my mind! But, this year that is definitely how things have been going. So, since Friday just happened to be a typical Winter day, we enjoyed staying inside. Landin spent most of his day napping {in which I should have done the same!} and Daniel and I just caught up on Fraiser (for the 4th time!)
It was a nice, relaxing day...days that seem boring but the family time is priceless!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

These are a few of his favorite things...


Landin and his toys...he LOVES these toys, they keep him entertained for a majority of the day. His latest thing has been throwing his stuffed Thomas! He has a good arm on him! He has also become a huge fan of his stacking cups. He loves to be able to pull them out from being stacked inside each other, he is such a little smarty already! and last but not least for the toys that entertain the most...Landin's popping animal toy {I am sure there is a real name for it, but I don't know what it is!} His Nanny and Grandpa brought it up for him and he loves closing the doors once we open them for him! It is great :)

We also spent quite a bit of time outside because it was a nice and warm 62* here! We absolutely love taking walks and Landin is getting more and more excited by his stroller every day. He loves sitting straight up and looking at the ground and all of his surroundings and we stroll along a walkway! It really is wonderful to see this sweet baby growing bigger and stronger every passing day. We are still in complete amazement that we created this little boy.

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Thursday, February 23, 2012

once upon a nice day...


It was an amazingly gorgeous day outside today. If you know our family at all, you know we did not spend the whole day inside. We did, however, do quite a bit of tummy time. Landin still isn't doing the typical crawl but I am not sure he ever will. He LOVES being on his feet and now when he wants to get somewhere he pushes up onto his hands and feet not hands and knees. It is so cute to watch. He is also scootching backwards anytime he does decide to get on his hands and knees. He also spent the better part of the 8 o' clock hour last night standing up leaning against the couch. He is growing up so quickly.

We spent the afternoon at the park. We love going there, getting out of the house and walking around. On nice days there are usually so many people there. Kids playing on the playground, children flying kites, people working out, business men eating lunch on the benches, its the perfect display of the "All American" park image. I will leave you with this since little man has had enough of his exersaucer!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

February 21, 2012

A good day. We didn't do much but that doesn't matter. Landin is changing by the minute. Lately, Daniel and I have been completely content just watching Landin and all of his expressions. He smiles so often, laughs even more and you can tell he is just completely enjoying life. He is getting extra clingy on occasion but also surprisingly independent at times. We have both decided that this is our favorite stage so far. We love it.
Landin loves plain ol' toast. He gnaws at it like it is a savory feast...I mean, it's good but not that good!
**We love you so much Landin.

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 days, 1 post.

Friday-February 17. I can't believe it is already mid February. wow! We spent the day at the park (our favorite day passer lately.) and just enjoyed time together. We love spending time outside. No distractions, no television or computer...just the three of us enjoying the time that is passing way too quickly.
We also decided to let Landin explore is artistic side. It was so fun to watch him paint with yogurt! So here is a picture from that messy adventure!

Landin's Nanny and Grandpa came to visit! It was such a great weekend and a very busy Saturday. Once again, we enjoyed an afternoon at the park. It was fun to see Landin's grandparents interact with him on all that the park had to offer. We pushed him on the swings, slid down the slides with him and his Nanny bounced him around in the car. It was great and Landin enjoyed every minute of it...well, almost. The slides aren't his favorite thing in the world {not that I can blame him!} He doesn't dislike them, just doesn't get that "loving it, face lighting up and smiling" look he gets on most other things!
After the park we went shopping to a couple of places and Nanny and Grandpa got Landin some awesome jeans :) We love dressing Landin up nicely!
That evening, Daniel and I went to eat at a nice little tavern in our town. Our first dinner in almost 8 months without Landin. My parent's loved watching Landin for us and he did great! We did, however, discover that our little man will not take a bottle anymore...not surprising since he hasn't had one in about 3 months but it makes it difficult for when other people watch him. We got our doidy cups in the mail {yay!} but we wouldn't want anyone watching him to have to clean up the spill before he perfects drinking from it!
So, without further adieu, Saturday's pictures!
p.s- There are a TON!
Family picture. Also today's challenge picture.


I thought this picture was very appropriate to show how much interest Landin is showing in the world. Anytime someone or something makes a noise, Landin will do whatever it takes to see what is going on. I love the look in his eye because you can tell he is taking it all in and growing smarter :)
Sunday was a nice relaxing day...the forecast was calling for snow, but thankfully changed last minute so we spent the day shopping (one of our favorite things to do!) and went out to eat with my parents. It was a great start to the day. We ended the day with ice cream and there any other way to end a great day/wonderful weekend? I love when my parents come to visit!

Monday, Monday, Monday...normally dreaded, but not this past one because Landin's grandparents were still in town! We had a great first half of the day just hanging around and letting them soak up their Landin time. We started out that morning with a delicious breakfast for Landin: toast, applesauce and some apple juice water from his doidy cup! He loved it...well, loved gumming at it and playing with it!
The other photo was a picture of the morning ritual with Landin and his Grandpa...Mornings with VocabuLarry! (not sure if that is how it is spelled but that is how I am going to write it!) It was so awesome to see them together and enjoying hearing the words/sounds!
**milestone alert: Landins second tooth is out!! yay!!
We ended the day just hanging out as our little family of 3 again.
Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Thursday, February 16, 2012

046/366 - 047/366 - 048/366

This post will be picture filled and short on words! Little man is super clingy and his teeth are giving him some trouble so I don't have much time to write. I have a feeling no one will mind that though... so here are the pictures from the last three days!

046/366 Valentine's day
We spent the day in Atlantic City and had an amazing family fun filled day :) Here are the rest of the pictures from the day...we can't wait to go back, especially when it gets warmer.

I sort of fell in love with the boardwalk, the view was extraordinary.

047/366- A day of relaxation.
We were so exhausted from our trip to the beach we have just been relaxing the past couple of days! He did, however, get a valentine's day card from his Auntie Lee!

048/366- Almost the weekend, yesss!
We spent the day, once again, relaxing! It was so nice. Landin is spending more and more time playing on the floor since he is trying to conquer crawling. This morning, he started balancing on his side and just stayed there playing with his toys for almost 5 minutes! He looks like he is about to topple over in the picture, but my son can balance...go Landin!

There will be more stories and pictures for the weekend {my parents are coming to visit!}
So, until then,
Landin's mom

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day pictures--early!

Today was fantastic! It was actually warmer outside and Daniel, Landin and I went to Target (yes, again!) and to run some fun errands. It was a nice family day :) Landin is getting some more teeth so he is a little cranky, but definitely not anything like I expected for a teething baby.

After this, we did a Valentine's day photo shoot. We had a lot of fun and Landin clearly loves having his picture taken. I couldn't be happier with the pictures that we got. Our sweet boy is a little flirt and I am going to cherish all of the Valentine's days I can with him because soon he will be wanting to go to the store to buy teddy bears and such for his 3rd grade "girlfriend"

So here is the other favorite of mine and Daniel's!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

A post about Sunday.

Yes, another yogurt face picture. But I have something fun to report with it this time. Landin has really taken off with his fun yogurt eating time and finished exactly or a little more than half of his yogurt container and enjoyed every second of it! It was so great to watch. So, that was really our excitement of was really icyish out so we didn't go out at all yesterday. Landin is such a goof and he always makes us laugh. He has more teeth that will be through in the next couple days and we can't wait for them to stop troubling him!

I have been thinking a ton lately about Landin getting bigger. In under five months, our sweet little newborn baby will be a year old. holy smokes, where has the time gone? They say an easy pregnancy leads to a fussy baby. But I had both a good pregnancy and a great baby...I wonder what's in store for toddlerhood!?!

I can't wait for you to look back through this blog one day {and I know you are a boy, so it might not be so exciting...but I know your someday wife will enjoy it!} I sat in the shower just thinking about who you will become, what you will be like and what you will put your OCD paranoid mom through in the years to come...and I can't wait. I am so excited for you to come home with a completely muddy expensive shirt and the time that you bring bugs into the house and they get loose (please don't do this too often!) I know that is stuff that mom's dread, but it means that you are enjoying life and that is one of the top things on my list of things that I want for you.
I love you, sweet boy.
your mom

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday and Saturday.

Friday-February 10
Not much to write about for Friday! We hung out being silly most of the day. Landin will laugh at just about anything these days which makes my heart so happy. I thought he would hate the sunglasses we let him "try on" {they are his Valentine's day present} but he actually loved them! He enjoyed looking through the lenses to a whole darker world (well, living room!) So, that was our Friday...along with some good ol' nap time!

Saturday-February 11

Landin started the morning out cuddling with his dad. Daniel had to go into work so Landin wanted his quality time before his dad left! After Daniel left, Landin and I had fun just hanging out and getting ready to head to the library for Itsy Bitsy time. We had so much fun at the library singing songs, exercising and playing with the parachute. Landin has definitely become friends with baby Aden from his class. They look so similar and love to stare at one another! The rest of the day was spent just napping, playing and having tummy time! It was a great Saturday for sure, even if there was snow on the ground!

I know it doesn't seem very exciting to read about, but it's our day to day. We have a pretty ordinary life, but Landin makes our lives very extraordinary!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bananas, Yogurt and Daddy's Fleece Hat!

Not much went on in the Swinehart household Thursday. We had some fun singing play time, enjoyed peek a boo on the mat and hung out in the exersaucer (Landin, of course, not me!)

I was desperate for ways to entertain Landin for more than 20 minutes so I rummaged through our storage closet to find something to keep him happy. I found his tummy time mat that we haven't used since he was about 4.5 months old...sure enough, almost 2 hours later and he is still sitting up playing with all of the toys attached. I think that is probably the most use that mat has ever gotten.

Landin has also been loving his exersaucer time...but the way we get him to spend the most time in there? We put his dad's fleece work hat on him! He loves that thing! So here is a picture of that {Landin's exersaucer has accumulated a ton of extra attachments in the past couple of days...more and more things to keep him entertained!}
Next exciting part of our day was breakfast. Landin still isn't a big eater, more of a big "put anything that isn't food into my mouth" kind of guy. But he gummed away at a banana and enjoyed it with some yobaby yogurt yesterday. That is where our picture for the day comes from!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A snowy evening.

So, almost every week we have one day that they declare a "snow day" however, we have yet to actually get any snow...until today. Thankfully it isn't sticking but that doesn't mean we didn't spend the day cooped up in our warm heat blasted home, because that is exactly what we did! Well, here is today's picture! Another yogurt mouth picture, but the eyes were just too amazing to not share!

Not much to post about today. Landin now passes the time by slamming his toys all over the place. I have decided to simply post a video of this new "hobby" instead of drowning you with a thousand pictures of Landin working on his crawl (since I have already done that!)

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Seven Months.

I can't believe we have a 7 month old. I feel like my pregnancy flew by, but I had no idea time could go by faster than it did when I was pregnant...but I was wrong! A week goes by and it feels like the length that some of my days used to seem before Landin was here. It is an indescribable feeling, but time is flying by way too quickly!

So on Landin's 7 month birthday, mom and Landin went out to the stores! It was a good day looking for Summer clothes for Landin {kind of ironic since it is supposed to snow today} but anyway...we also picked up things for Landin's valentine's day shoot {stay tuned for that one next week!}

When Daniel was up with us, we went to the park...have I mentioned we love the park? We went walking and just spent time out in the nice weather together as a family. So that is where my other two pictures come from. Landin was so excited for the walk at the beginning, but the vibrations of the track likes to put Landin to sleep, so that is where the after picture comes from!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

So I have obviously been really horrible with my posts this past weekend. But you will get a nice long one to read now! So get comfy, because I have three days of fun stuff to cover :)

Saturday- February 4
okay, okay...once you are done laughing you will probably look at the picture while trying to read this and laugh some more, at least that is what Daniel and I did while taking the picture and while writing this! Saturday morning, Landin tried blueberry yogurt...I thought he hated it (why would I think differently with that face) After that, we went to Itsy Bitsy time at the library here. Landin has SO much fun! He made "friends" with three different babies...Aden, Kayleigh and Landon {yes, another Landin different spelling...what are the chances?} It was super cute to see all of the babies interact with each other. we also found out that Landin loves bubbles. His face lit up when Mrs. Jenn (the teacher) started blowing bubbles all over the place, it was the cutest part of the whole day, I think! From there we basically just had a fun family day out and about picking up some stuff and just hanging out!

Sunday-February 5

So on Sunday we went to church...We love our church and we are so thankful that God led us there after only visiting one other church that wasn't for us. Landin loves to interact with the other babies in the quiet room during the service {between being a paranoid mom and it being germy flu season I have yet to put Landin in actual nursery!}However, this Sunday we had a new couple who has just moved to the base join us, the Welch's! It was great to meet a nice couple from the base and we enjoyed lunch at T.G.I.Fridays afterward. It was so delicious and Landin was actually a really good baby. I think it is one of the biggest compliments as a mother to be able to sit through a whole meal at a restaurant with a happy/quiet baby and have older ladies and men come up to us and tell us that we have one of the best babies they have seen out. After we finished eating, it was more family time {we have a lot of that and we love it!}and getting ready to watch the Super Bowl. However, we were all a little more exhaussted than we thought so we ended up in bed around 7:30pm. Good thing neither of our teams were playing! So, the two pictures for the day are Landin's church outfit and his Super Bowl attire.
**Landin officially cut his first tooth on this day!! Yes, the bold, italic and underline is a bit over the top, but it is very exciting so I feel like I am allowed to do that :)

Monday-February 6
Monday. The dreaded Monday. Although, it wasn't so dreaded in our house! Daniel had the day off of work and Landin (while teething) was in an awesome mood, for the most part! We hung out and played with some of Landin's toys that he hasn't figured out yet! We figured it would entertain him better than the toys he has already got down pat. We also had more tummy/crawl time and Landin is definitely getting a hang of it. He scootches all over the place (well, more or less in circles!) and is swinging his butt into crawling position! I think we had better get ready, because we are definitely going to have a crawler in our hands soon...definitely sometime within the next month. **I know they can get stuck in that hip swing on hands and knees thing for quite some time! Anyway, here is the picture from Monday. Exactly like his father, Landin already has a love for anything Ford. He was practically pulling himself out of his exersaucer to grab this FORD magazine. I love this picture! I am so excited for the day that Landin and Daniel are working on cars together...but I am not rushing the whole "growing up" thing. So for now, having him grab a magazine by the car manufacturer that we love will do!

But on to the few extra pictures-

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom