Thursday, February 23, 2012

once upon a nice day...


It was an amazingly gorgeous day outside today. If you know our family at all, you know we did not spend the whole day inside. We did, however, do quite a bit of tummy time. Landin still isn't doing the typical crawl but I am not sure he ever will. He LOVES being on his feet and now when he wants to get somewhere he pushes up onto his hands and feet not hands and knees. It is so cute to watch. He is also scootching backwards anytime he does decide to get on his hands and knees. He also spent the better part of the 8 o' clock hour last night standing up leaning against the couch. He is growing up so quickly.

We spent the afternoon at the park. We love going there, getting out of the house and walking around. On nice days there are usually so many people there. Kids playing on the playground, children flying kites, people working out, business men eating lunch on the benches, its the perfect display of the "All American" park image. I will leave you with this since little man has had enough of his exersaucer!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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