Sunday, February 26, 2012

These are a few of his favorite things...


Landin and his toys...he LOVES these toys, they keep him entertained for a majority of the day. His latest thing has been throwing his stuffed Thomas! He has a good arm on him! He has also become a huge fan of his stacking cups. He loves to be able to pull them out from being stacked inside each other, he is such a little smarty already! and last but not least for the toys that entertain the most...Landin's popping animal toy {I am sure there is a real name for it, but I don't know what it is!} His Nanny and Grandpa brought it up for him and he loves closing the doors once we open them for him! It is great :)

We also spent quite a bit of time outside because it was a nice and warm 62* here! We absolutely love taking walks and Landin is getting more and more excited by his stroller every day. He loves sitting straight up and looking at the ground and all of his surroundings and we stroll along a walkway! It really is wonderful to see this sweet baby growing bigger and stronger every passing day. We are still in complete amazement that we created this little boy.

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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