Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. {trying to be} Mover...

That is what we have on our hands...Little man has been working super hard for the past couple of days trying to get his crawl on. It is so cute to watch...he has gotten to the point where he pushes up his feet or his knees (whichever he feels will serve the purpose at the time) and then he pushes his body forward without lifting it up off the ground. Sometimes, Landin decides to lift his upper half off the ground and then sometimes he just looks like he is trying to swim! :) It has been amazing seeing him go from being completely dependent to being more and more independent each day...

So, since it is kind of early in the day still...this is all the content of today's post. Not to mention, it is freezing outside so there probably won't be much to include in the post anyway! :) However, I will add in a couple more pictures!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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