Monday, February 27, 2012

a baby shower and a dinner.


This past Saturday was super fun and super busy, but it was great! We started the morning out with a family Target trip :) Those are always great (at least for me!) We then headed to the base for my friend, Beth's baby shower! Showers are always so much fun and Landin was soaking up every second of being around a bunch of ladies!

In the evening, we decided to go eat at Texas Roadhouse. It was packed. We waited for a long 80 minutes which went right into Landin's bedtime. We thought that he would be a train wreck (if you know our son, you know he doesn't do well going past bed time) but he did so wonderful. He sat in the highchair and watched us eat and talk and even did some of his great babbling as well. Landin also tried steak for the first time and he seemed to really enjoy it! It was so nice to watch him and Daniel share dinner, I love it!

I love this picture for today. Like father, like son. He loved wearing his daddy's hat!

Until the next post,
Landin's mom

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