Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday and Saturday.

Friday-February 10
Not much to write about for Friday! We hung out being silly most of the day. Landin will laugh at just about anything these days which makes my heart so happy. I thought he would hate the sunglasses we let him "try on" {they are his Valentine's day present} but he actually loved them! He enjoyed looking through the lenses to a whole darker world (well, living room!) So, that was our Friday...along with some good ol' nap time!

Saturday-February 11

Landin started the morning out cuddling with his dad. Daniel had to go into work so Landin wanted his quality time before his dad left! After Daniel left, Landin and I had fun just hanging out and getting ready to head to the library for Itsy Bitsy time. We had so much fun at the library singing songs, exercising and playing with the parachute. Landin has definitely become friends with baby Aden from his class. They look so similar and love to stare at one another! The rest of the day was spent just napping, playing and having tummy time! It was a great Saturday for sure, even if there was snow on the ground!

I know it doesn't seem very exciting to read about, but it's our day to day. We have a pretty ordinary life, but Landin makes our lives very extraordinary!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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