Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 days, 1 post.

Friday-February 17. I can't believe it is already mid February. wow! We spent the day at the park (our favorite day passer lately.) and just enjoyed time together. We love spending time outside. No distractions, no television or computer...just the three of us enjoying the time that is passing way too quickly.
We also decided to let Landin explore is artistic side. It was so fun to watch him paint with yogurt! So here is a picture from that messy adventure!

Landin's Nanny and Grandpa came to visit! It was such a great weekend and a very busy Saturday. Once again, we enjoyed an afternoon at the park. It was fun to see Landin's grandparents interact with him on all that the park had to offer. We pushed him on the swings, slid down the slides with him and his Nanny bounced him around in the car. It was great and Landin enjoyed every minute of it...well, almost. The slides aren't his favorite thing in the world {not that I can blame him!} He doesn't dislike them, just doesn't get that "loving it, face lighting up and smiling" look he gets on most other things!
After the park we went shopping to a couple of places and Nanny and Grandpa got Landin some awesome jeans :) We love dressing Landin up nicely!
That evening, Daniel and I went to eat at a nice little tavern in our town. Our first dinner in almost 8 months without Landin. My parent's loved watching Landin for us and he did great! We did, however, discover that our little man will not take a bottle anymore...not surprising since he hasn't had one in about 3 months but it makes it difficult for when other people watch him. We got our doidy cups in the mail {yay!} but we wouldn't want anyone watching him to have to clean up the spill before he perfects drinking from it!
So, without further adieu, Saturday's pictures!
p.s- There are a TON!
Family picture. Also today's challenge picture.


I thought this picture was very appropriate to show how much interest Landin is showing in the world. Anytime someone or something makes a noise, Landin will do whatever it takes to see what is going on. I love the look in his eye because you can tell he is taking it all in and growing smarter :)
Sunday was a nice relaxing day...the forecast was calling for snow, but thankfully changed last minute so we spent the day shopping (one of our favorite things to do!) and went out to eat with my parents. It was a great start to the day. We ended the day with ice cream and doughnuts...is there any other way to end a great day/wonderful weekend? I love when my parents come to visit!

Monday, Monday, Monday...normally dreaded, but not this past one because Landin's grandparents were still in town! We had a great first half of the day just hanging around and letting them soak up their Landin time. We started out that morning with a delicious breakfast for Landin: toast, applesauce and some apple juice water from his doidy cup! He loved it...well, loved gumming at it and playing with it!
The other photo was a picture of the morning ritual with Landin and his Grandpa...Mornings with VocabuLarry! (not sure if that is how it is spelled but that is how I am going to write it!) It was so awesome to see them together and enjoying hearing the words/sounds!
**milestone alert: Landins second tooth is out!! yay!!
We ended the day just hanging out as our little family of 3 again.
Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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