Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

So I have obviously been really horrible with my posts this past weekend. But you will get a nice long one to read now! So get comfy, because I have three days of fun stuff to cover :)

Saturday- February 4
okay, okay...once you are done laughing you will probably look at the picture while trying to read this and laugh some more, at least that is what Daniel and I did while taking the picture and while writing this! Saturday morning, Landin tried blueberry yogurt...I thought he hated it (why would I think differently with that face) After that, we went to Itsy Bitsy time at the library here. Landin has SO much fun! He made "friends" with three different babies...Aden, Kayleigh and Landon {yes, another Landin different spelling...what are the chances?} It was super cute to see all of the babies interact with each other. we also found out that Landin loves bubbles. His face lit up when Mrs. Jenn (the teacher) started blowing bubbles all over the place, it was the cutest part of the whole day, I think! From there we basically just had a fun family day out and about picking up some stuff and just hanging out!

Sunday-February 5

So on Sunday we went to church...We love our church and we are so thankful that God led us there after only visiting one other church that wasn't for us. Landin loves to interact with the other babies in the quiet room during the service {between being a paranoid mom and it being germy flu season I have yet to put Landin in actual nursery!}However, this Sunday we had a new couple who has just moved to the base join us, the Welch's! It was great to meet a nice couple from the base and we enjoyed lunch at T.G.I.Fridays afterward. It was so delicious and Landin was actually a really good baby. I think it is one of the biggest compliments as a mother to be able to sit through a whole meal at a restaurant with a happy/quiet baby and have older ladies and men come up to us and tell us that we have one of the best babies they have seen out. After we finished eating, it was more family time {we have a lot of that and we love it!}and getting ready to watch the Super Bowl. However, we were all a little more exhaussted than we thought so we ended up in bed around 7:30pm. Good thing neither of our teams were playing! So, the two pictures for the day are Landin's church outfit and his Super Bowl attire.
**Landin officially cut his first tooth on this day!! Yes, the bold, italic and underline is a bit over the top, but it is very exciting so I feel like I am allowed to do that :)

Monday-February 6
Monday. The dreaded Monday. Although, it wasn't so dreaded in our house! Daniel had the day off of work and Landin (while teething) was in an awesome mood, for the most part! We hung out and played with some of Landin's toys that he hasn't figured out yet! We figured it would entertain him better than the toys he has already got down pat. We also had more tummy/crawl time and Landin is definitely getting a hang of it. He scootches all over the place (well, more or less in circles!) and is swinging his butt into crawling position! I think we had better get ready, because we are definitely going to have a crawler in our hands soon...definitely sometime within the next month. **I know they can get stuck in that hip swing on hands and knees thing for quite some time! Anyway, here is the picture from Monday. Exactly like his father, Landin already has a love for anything Ford. He was practically pulling himself out of his exersaucer to grab this FORD magazine. I love this picture! I am so excited for the day that Landin and Daniel are working on cars together...but I am not rushing the whole "growing up" thing. So for now, having him grab a magazine by the car manufacturer that we love will do!

But on to the few extra pictures-

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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