Friday, March 23, 2012

a crazy week and a new friend.

This week was hectic beyond words.
But the end result is all that matters, and when looking back on what this week had in store for us...
this week was wonderful.

The week started our rough. Transitioning back to being in his crib
was a struggle, to say the least.

Landin loves his carrots! Night times are back
to normal and all is well in the Swinehart household.

On this morning, Landin and mom enjoyed Blueberry Vanilla Smoothies.
The perfect way to start a morning. I tell ya, Landin has some serious wheels turning
in the ol' noggin' :) He has gotten ridiculously interactive...he can even walk
holding just one hand! Slowwww downnnn!

How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Seriously, this child will walk his way around the crib until his hands
touch the actual rail {not the cover} and his teeth instantly start goin' to town!

Landin Gregory,
This was your first "friend." I know you won't ever get to know him considering we are
moving out of state before you even turn one...but you two have quite the fascination with one another!
His name is Aiden and in this picture you are 8.5 months old and he is 7 months.
As your mom, I love seeing you interact with him. It makes my heart so happy :)
I can't wait until you have a best friend that you play in mud and sword fight with. A cliche' I know, but I am so excited!

The week ended with official orders for our move to San Antonio, great news that they would ship one of our cars so we wouldn't have to make an 1800 mile drive separately, my parents and younger sister visiting and the birth of one of my good friends sweet baby girl.
{Welcome to the world, Audree Lorayne!}
Pictures from today (Friday) to follow in the post for the weekend.

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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