Thursday, June 14, 2012

...and we're back {finally}

So I realize that I have over two months worth of photos to catch up on but I promise I will get there...eventually. It isn't something that I want to rush for Landin's future. This move altered who Landin will be and what kind of life he will know and I want him to have this to look back on and see all that he has done in his life. Texas is completely different from New Jersey and I am excited to see the southern little charmer come out in him! I will probably be doing picture posts by the week but first I want to give just a little sneak peek to an updated 'Landin'...he is changing by the day. In between unpacking a mountain of boxes in our new house (yes, we are first time homeowners!) and trying to completely get adjusted to a new state, new city and a new kind of heat, we took a little time out to get some family pictures and one year pictures professionally done, our first professional pictures as a family.

Life is going {great} over here in the Swinehart household. We are soaking up life to the fullest. We have each other. A new beautiful house. Amazing friends already (it took forever to find good friends in Jersey) and Landin even has some good friends. We are well on our way to finding the church that God has for us and the weather is but sunny. Awesome for us, not so awesome for our grass!

So, without further adieu, here is a little sneak peek of our not so little "caterpillar"

Until next time,
Landin's mom

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