Friday, June 22, 2012

April showers bring May flowers...

This post will polish off the end of the month of April! We were getting really antsy about the closing of our house and our visit to North Carolina. We also did a little hotel hopping which was kind of fun but really stressful! So here they are...the last week or so of April 2012.

Seriously? Is he not the cutest? Landin took to playing with anything and everything that was not his toy. But we figured...what harm can a red solo cup do? :) 

Like father, like son. I love these two guys. 

Once again, seriously? How stinkin' cute is my son? I could look at this picture all day long. When Landin is excited, you definitely will know it!

A little shopping day with mom! He does so well out at all the shops. He was playing peek-a-boo with himself in the mirror 5 minutes before this. He loves posing for the camera (and I like to tell myself he especially poses well for pictures with mom!)

The weather was nice so we went for a walk. I know you would probably think, "Texas, of course it was nice" but that isn't true. By nice I don't just mean not raining, I mean not super humid and hot either. :) That, my friends, is a good Texas day!

A big day for us! We had the inspection on what will soon be our house. It turned out better than we could have even, we snapped a photo to document our happiness!

Hotel hanging out. We spent the day relaxing in the cool hotel. It was a hot one today! I let Landin enjoy a little "shirt off" time which he has decided is his favorite time of the day!

The last day in April. Tomorrow will finally be the month that we close and move into our house! yayy!
We went to church and Landin actually starting really interacting with other boys! Go Landin!

I'll start May was a big month for us so I will be doing more separate posts! For now, I am going to get my son up from his nap so we can cuddle. I can't believe I only have two weeks left before my baby is one.<3 
{fastest year of my life.}

Until next post,
Landin's mom

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