Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Finally! Landin has had a big morning. We started off with a 2 mile walk with some of the ladies in our neighborhood followed by a little over an hour spent at the pool. These two things alone equals one exhausted boy. Landin has taken to his crib amazingly. Other than sometimes sleeping while sitting up (yes, you read that right!) he doesn't cry at all when we put him down for a nap or for the night. This is amazing and frees up my hands for some naptime blogging!

Today's post will be catching up on the end of our time in New Jersey and timeline our trip to San Antonio, Texas!

Have I ever mentioned how much this boy loves his dad? Well, he does. :) One of Daniel's last days of work at McGuire AFB, NJ

Landin took a little stroller break in Central Park, NYC! He loved the city...I think (but I know I definitely did!)


Landin enjoyed the wax museum!

So a little late. but we finally did his 9 month pictures!


All of these pictures were on 14 April. Our last day in NJ. We had to say goodbye to Auntie Kellynne, who was flying back to NC AND say bye to some awesome friends...Jenn and Aiden. We miss them so much!

Landin got to spend the day and night with his Godparents. He loves them and we love that! We couldn't have asked for better Godparents for our son. This day we have driven from somewhere in Maryland all the way to Charleston, WV!

16 April 2012.
We drove from Charleston, WV all the way to Nashville, TN. We love Nashville and it helped that Daniel's old room mate from the Army lives super close so we were able to have a little reunion! We also ate at this really cool restaurant called "Aquarium" which is underwater dining and it is simply amazing. Landin loved looking at the fish...he was so fascinated by them and loved to look at the scuba lady while she was feeding them! We also stayed super close to the Grand Ol' Opry so we stopped by while walking to the mall for dinner and took some pictures. We can't wait to go back! :)

A little stop in Little Rock, Arkansas to eat lunch on our long day of traveling. We went from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX - a 12 hour trip!

Final day of driving. We had to wake our little bed hog up super early (but not before snapping a picture) and we were on our way from Dallas, TX driving through Austin (the capital!) and finally arriving at our new home city...San Antonio! We fell in love instantly. and I think Landin did too!
This day was filled with browsing the area, checking into our hotel and house hunting (yep, we dove right in!)

Just hanging out in the hotel<3

I love that cute little face. He handled living in a hotel for a month and a half so wonderfully. I am a proud mom!

Today, we attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change. We were part of setting a world record on the most cloth diapers changed at once! I also scored a brand new free GroVia cloth diaper (a prize given out for using the old style of GroVia at the diaper change) AND Rockin' Green was there giving out goody bags and they were amazing!! A free bag of expensive Rockin' Green cloth diaper detergent? YES PLEASE! :)

We tried out our first church today. Landin looked super spiffy and met some new friends in the family room<3

So there is my little break down of the end of NJ and our first few days getting adjusted to Texas. So many more exciting posts to come! Hopefully I can catch up before his first birthday!

Until next post,
Landin's mom

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