Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cornyval, with a little bit of life thrown in.

Cornyval? Yes, there is such a thing. Although I am positive there is not such a word. But this thing was so much fun for our family and a much needed break from the 24/7 hotel life we were living. There is a neighboring town (literally 5 minutes from our house, if that) named Helotes. Helotes has a carnival. That carnival is named Cornyval. Apparently they are known for their corn? Makes sense to us, it is just a wee bit weird, no? Anyway, we decided to venture over on the first day...Thankfully! It was the only day of free admission so all we had to pay for was food and let's face it, hotel living we eat out anyway and is there anything better than a smoked kabob from a carnival? Not to us at least...the food was delicious! As for Landin, he loved the petting zoo. He didn't get to pet your typical pets {at least not where I come from} but instead got to touch turtles, snakes and a WALLABY! how awesome!! So, here are some pictures from the beginning of May. Enjoy!
Landni and Pookie are now friends...awwww!

"Do a little Dance!"

So much fun!



He fell asleep with Sophie... so precious!

Happy 10 months, sweet boy!

Family dinner at Cheddars before Landin and I flew to NC

Until next post,
Landin's mom

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