Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 months.

12 months. You might be thinking this post will talk about 12 months of posting, or how I have to do this challenge for 12 months and I couldn't even post every day for 12 days. However, this post is not about either of those things. Landin has officially made his way into some of his 12 month clothing. You can tell me that some clothes are made small, or that some clothes shrink when washed...but I doubt it would make me feel any less sentimental as I think that when he was born he could actually squeeze into some preemie outfits. Now, in less time than he has been alive, my sweet baby boy will be turning one! but here it is...Landin's 12 month clothing debut:
He clearly loves being in this outfit. and he better enjoy it because I have a feeling all he will do for a while from here on out is slim down! He is getting to be on the move :) but we have officially put away all clothes with anything lower than a 6-9 month label...that is right, even if it just says 6 months it seems to be a little snug, especially when you factor in his fluff bum<3

While I am so excited for Landin to grow up, I can't help but feel that it is happening way too quickly. Before I know it, he will be chasing me around the house repeating my name "mom" over and over again. The thought of that becoming my "new" name actually excites me...right now {ask me again when he is actually chasing me around the house calling my name!}

So here are just a couple more pictures from our 12 month outfit photo shoot!
Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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