Sunday, January 1, 2012

On the first day of the new year, my son gave to me...

a growth spurt with tons of eating and no sleep!

It is finally here, 2012. Daniel and I welcomed the new year watching the ball drop (on tv that is!) with a bowl of Reese's ice cream and brownies made by yours truly! It was the perfect ending to one of the most perfect years so far...and Landin slept his way through obnoxious fireworks and loud music.

We didn't do much for the first day of the year, in fact, we all stayed in our pajamas and enjoyed a day full of netflix and mom and dad taking turns napping. In between the napping, Landin decided to inform us of two different things.

1. He now enjoys "freedom time" more than anything we could ever offer him. That's right, he loves to be naked. We could give him all of the toys in the world when he is in his fussy mood and he wouldn't even notice them but take his diaper off and we have an insta-smile :) I knew this day was coming, I mean, I am raising a boy after all...I just thought I would at least make it to his first birthday before he found the love of living life Au Naturale. But without further adieu, my first picture of the official challenge. Our little man, having "freedom time" {Note: Naked butt pictures are for mom and dad only :) so you all get the covered version!}
and 2. He is entering "growth spurt" mode. Coming up on 6 months, I knew to be expecting it...I have been so spoiled with 3 months of no growth spurts and decent sleep I almost forgot what a growth spurt felt like...but Landin didn't let that last long! Today has been a day of napping, yes...but it has also been a day of marathon nursing and power naps for Landin. It is now currently 8:31pm {for those of you who don't know our son...that is THIRTY minutes past his strict bedtime that he has set for himself!}and our little monkey shows no signs of sleep.

--but growth spurts aren't all bad...sleepless days/nights are usually followed by a day or two of nothing except sleep and I get extra snuggle time that our quickly growing independent son doesn't offer on a regular basis. So, with that said, I am finishing this post and enjoying my cuddles with Landin...these times are flying by way too fast.

until tomorrow,
Landin's mom<3

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