Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mall Fun!

Since mom and Landin had been hanging out around the house most of the week, Dad decided to take us to the mall last night! I have to admit, I was exhausted...but spending time out and about was refreshing! Today's challenge picture is of Landin in Children's Place, so of course we were shopping for him! He did so good. Stayed awake the entire time looking around, and just being happy! Highlight of his night? The water fountain in the food court. My highlight? My Auntie Anne's pretzel. It was so delicious {I don't think Daniel minded helping me eat it!} We ended the night by looking in the outdoor store and picking out my hiking ruck, which of course, had a nice comfy seat for Landin! It was super nice, I think Daniel has high hopes for us being a hiking family. I definitely love walking, I'm just not much of a bug girl! Maybe I will own it one day, but I don't really see it getting much use living in the middle of New Jersey!

So that was my Friday post! Not too exciting but some days it's nice to not have much going on. However, tonight's post should be very exciting snowed last night! Now, I have to admit, I despise snow, but it is Landin's first real snow day (not some frozen slushy mess, or a light dusting) but actual snow, enough to do a snow I know where you will be able to find us today<3

Until later,
Landin's mom

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