Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, we are finally getting back into a nice little routine, other than Daniel working a different shift for the week things are back in a nice reliable pattern. We wake up and Landin plays while I enjoy breakfast. Landin naps, he plays, and then naps and plays again...this basically goes on until about 5pm...We had bath time today and Landin thoroughly enjoyed it for the first time ever. He loved splashing the water everywhere {he didn't even mind when I sprayed him with one of his water sprayer bath toys!} After a good night time routine including a bedtime story read by dad and a nice "before bed" snack from mom, he goes down for the night.

This routine is nothing too exciting, but it works for us. So here it is, my picture for the day. Landin and dad playing with the ball popper --which is really Landin watching as the hippo shoots out the balls and Daniel chases them around the living room!-- Landin seriously is blessed with having the best dad on the planet (of course I am a bit biased) I can not say enough good things about him as a father...he changes pretty much all of the diapers while he is home {which says a lot considering we do cloth!} he calms Landin when he is fussy and he plays with Landin with all the spare time he has...I couldn't have asked for a better man to have in my life.

until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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