Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like father, like son...and maybe mom, too!

So, this is what Landin decides to dot he second he gets a hold of the coke bottle. You might not find this as hilarious as us except for when you see this picture...
I can't say much though, because I know somewhere (I'm pretty sure it is on Daniel's phone) there is a picture of me in the exact same pose! haha. We are a family that loves soda (and just for the record:no, Landin does not drink soda...and will not for a VERY long time. It is clearly a bad habit that we can't break! haha)

anyway, there was my challenge picture for yesterday :) along with trying to chug coke, Landin and I went to the Columbus Cupcakery with Beth and Emalee yesterday. The cupcakes were so amazing! I had orea, and it tasted just like an oreo, simply wonderful. We then went back to Beth's house and hung out for a little while. It was a great day :)

So, there should be another post today, or tomorrow :)
until then,
Landin's mom

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