Friday, January 27, 2012

A fun little game...

Ever since Landin could laugh, we have had this fun little game that we play. It amazes me how into a game such a little boy could be but he definitely knows what we do. When he starts laughing, I will laugh with him and then I will stop and give him this stern face before bursting out in laughter again. It took him a little while to catch on, but now when I give him that stern look he stops laughing, pulls a serious face and stares at me. From that point on, it is basically a competition to see who can keep a serious face the longest {usually Landin wins that one!}before we both burst out laughing again. So, my challenge picture is Landin just as he started laughing again, it was is moments like these that I want to grasp onto forever.

With that said, Little Man loves to be on his feet. So yesterday, I decided to lean him against our couch and see what he would do...much to my surprise, he grabbed on! Definitely grabbed on long enough for me to get some pictures :) yay! So, here they are!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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