Monday, January 9, 2012

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Target we go.

Here is the picture at the beginning of our morning Target outing:
This is how we started out our day...a nice walk around Target. I absolutely love Target, it is very high on the list of my favorite stores to waste time in. I can walk around for hours! I have so much fun now that Landin is more interactive, I will show him toys and see what kind of reaction I get (although sometimes I feel bad teasing him, so today he got some ring stackers!) From there, we went to the post office and then home to hang out! Here is the picture of how we ended our morning outing:
Clearly, he was still tired from his not so awesome night of sleep last night. And I have to mention the cart cover, I love the cart cover! It is Balboa Baby brand and it is *amazing* it even has hooks to put his toys/teethers so he can't throw them off! Not that I really have to worry, because this cover lets him move around a ton in there so he always gets comfy and passes out!

Now, on to the exciting stuff...Landin has officially pulled himself into crawl position. I was so happy I jumped up and clapped (while squealing, if I remember correctly!) It didn't last too long, before I knew it he was toppled over and laying on his back, but he did it! He keeps trying to REdo it and is getting mighty close...good thing I picked up some outlet covers today because I have a feeling we will have a crawler before we know it. I thought it was exciting to see him army low crawling a week or so ago, but seeing him actually lift himself up is so exciting.
I think he may have over excited himself with all of his accomplishments, that nap you see in the picture above, yeah...that was the last solid nap he took today and that ended at 9:40am, I think mom and dad are more ready for bed than he is!

with that said, little man is passed out on Daniel's shoulder {finally!} so I am going to go put him to bed and then put myself in bed as well! :)

until tomorrow,
Landin's mom


  1. Seems Grandpa's little man has great taste in stores! Really cute epics!

  2. That should be epics not epics. Kindle Fire is a little sensitive.

  3. great post I loved the pictures!