Wednesday, January 4, 2012

here kitty, kitty! {Day 4}

Once again, nothing much to really post. Today was just a typical day for us...hanging around the house, playing with toys, a little grocery shopping. Our one excitement to share is that Landin's growth spurt is finally over (insert applause) and we ended it with a bang...13 hours of sleep, that's right, thirteen! Our little guy only woke up for a combined total of 40-50 minutes from 6pm last night until 715am this morning. talk about refreshed!

Landin's new favorite "toy" to play with is Pookie, our cat. He {loves} trying to catch her before she runs off to hide somewhere. He looks at her and squeals with so much excitement, seriously, the cutest thing ever. I would post some pictures for you, but Pookie doesn't hang around long enough to let that happen...the only time she wants anything to do with Landin is when she is on "protective kitty" duty and baby boy is passed out! I have to brag on my pooh bear {yes, that is my cat's nickname!}...Landin actually DID catch her tail once and she simply looked at him, waited for him to let go and walked away. Such a good cat! The picture for today is right after Landin scared Pookie off of the couch. "where are you going? Come back! Here kitty, kitty" <-- that is what I like to think he would be saying, or was saying if I could understand the language of baby babble!

I will end the post here and leave you with a couple more pictures. I have a pulled back muscle to attend to. Who knew dancing around a living room to keep a baby entertained would be such a vigorous activity...guess that is my body's way of telling me to get back in shape? :)
-Note: to my sisters, you will be happy to know I was dancing to the song "Pause"...yes, I bought it on itunes!

Ever heard of a Mommy Necklace? These necklaces are amazing! Landin is such a distracted nursling, but not when I am wearing this! and they are super cute and stylish so you don't have to look all "mom"ed out! This was Landin and me just having some downtime and hanging out with dad before he left for work!
p.s-A big thank you to my parents who got me the necklace for Christmas!

and a little picture for after Pookie walked away from Landin. It hurts my heart that Pookie doesn't like to play with Landin. Call me sensitive, but I never want Landin to feel like someone doesn't want to be around him {yes, even if it is just a cat!}

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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  1. I'm a little envious of these blog posts I keep reading about babies who sleep for long stretches! I have a 13 mo old who is the worst sleeper ever.

    Kitties are popular with the baby here too!