Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day! {21}

Today was amazing. Simply put. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! [disclaimer: this girl does not like snow! not one bit] so you can imagine my surprise when I was excited for Landin's first real snow day. Now, we have had frozen wintery mushy slush already but this was actual white fluffy snow! We didn't play in it for long...actually, I don't think you can call what we did play, but we have now "been there, done that, got the picture" so yay! :)

we then spent the day cozied up inside with hot chocolate and Mythbusters! When I say "cozied up" I definitely meant it, our furnace decided not to lite and it got super cold inside (in fact, my feet still feel like blocks of ice!) so we spent the afternoon under the covers just enjoying our family. :) I don't know what tomorrow holds for us, but as for tonight, it is pretty icy out there!

oh, and two new accomplishments for Landin. One, he said da-da! I could NOT contain my excitement...I was more excited than Daniel :) and Landin has a tooth coming in, we can't see it but we sure can feel it! Go, Landin!

until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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