Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The day before, the morning after. (Day 17)

So, obviously this blog is a bit of trial and error on my part. I have found it to be easier to blog about the day before during naptime/exersaucer time on the following day. Landin has decided that naps are no longer an essential part of his day causing me to be exhausted come his 8pm bedtime, so as long as he keeps that up, the posts will come the following day. When he decides to add in naps again, I will go back to evenings! So, here is today's post about yesterday!
So, yesterday (day 17) we basically just hung around the house all day, especially since it was ugly and dreary out! Little did we know it would actually turn into a really nice evening...So we went out on search for a Chinese buffet. Who knew a buffet would be so hard to find in NJ? Well it was impossible! We ended up at a nice little Japanese restaurant called Yuki Hana! A super nice, small very clean place where the staff is SO friendly! So here is my challenge picture for the day...Landin's first "attempt" at chopsticks! haha...Daniel and I both ate our entire meal with them, go us!

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