Monday, January 2, 2012

strike a pose!

2 January 2012 was an amazing day. Daniel had the day off so we decided to venture out of the house (something this girl has been avoiding because of the colder weather!) We enjoyed some lunch at Panera Bread and browsed through the L.L.Bean store while I kept my eye out for things Daniel said he for him are hard to decide on because he is such a "tool man" and we are currently garageless. :) From there we decided to venture around the strip mall and indulge in window shopping at stores we realize are far beyond our budget...$49.99 for a hooded towel? sure, we have that kind of money laying around {note the sarcasm!}but none the less, it was fun to joke around,"sure babe, I'll buy you that...when we win the lottery." Daniel must really believe that will happen, because he says it quite often!

After our fun little outing, we headed back to the house to give our home a nice little scrub comfy clothes are nice, but between Daniel's socks and my new super soft VS sweat pants I got for Christmas, there is peach and black fuzz all over the house! So we vacuumed, did our diaper laundry, dusted and most exciting, took down the Christmas tree. I love Christmas, but it is so nice to have our house back in order again. While putting away the ornaments we stopped for a little photo shoot. That is where the picture for today comes from. We had so much fun taking pictures so I have more than one to share, however, the top one is my official challenge photo!
*you will notice Landin is hardly looking at me in these pictures. Everyone always says "he's a momma's boy" but that is definitely not true for our little man. He absolutely adores his dad. Where dad goes, Landin's eyes travel. Speaking of our little man, he just woke up from his nap, so I'll end it with these pictures: Mom and Landin's Christmas lights photo shoot<3
Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom


  1. I love Christmas light photos!I hope you recreate this when you're putting the tree up next year... it will be amazing to see the change!

  2. this is very sweet! I agree with sarah above, pop that idea in the diary to follow up on in a year's time! gorgeous!!


  3. I just love that first photo! Such a great idea for a photo :-)