Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A day in the life...

Today (for yesterday's post) I have decided instead of words,
I will just walk you through Landin's day in pictures :)
*Challenge picture*

So, we started out day off with some exersaucer/play time when I noticed Landin's head has sprouted a ton of hair...
Next, we got Landin dressed for our {what seems to be} weekly trip to Target.
We had a nice trip out to Target, but after our last trip, I knew what was to come by sticking him in his comfy shopping cart cover...sure enough, about 25 minutes in, Landin has passed out! {I'm sure he will be semi-embarrassed by some of these later in life}This is my favorite sleeping picture I think, because he is completely in the cart sleeping.
Now onto DAD playtime, Landin's favorite playtime, i'm sure! First, we tried to teach Landin how to have good posture {totally kidding} by balancing a stacking ring on his head. It was funny watching him tip his head to get the ring off and then laugh because he knew we would end up putting it back on anyway!
Next, he decided to claim all the rings as "his" (I am sure in a couple of months he will do the exact same thing and throw in "mine" as he does it!) It was so cute seeing him with the rings all over him!
He then had wrestling time with dad!
Next, we tried to give him carrots, but he really didn't like them so there was no picture as I was dealing with a grumpy Landin at the time. By this time, Landin seemed semi-exhausted...I mean, he did spend the whole evening playing with we headed to Landin's room for a little night time play until you rub your eyes session. Here is Landin with dad's "bug hand"
So, with that posted...this last picture concluded the evening after an eye rub and a sweet smile, So I hope you have enjoyed a day in Landin's life through pictures<3

until tomorrow (or later today)
Landin's mom

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