Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

6 months ago today (6 months and 5 minutes ago to be exact!) I gave birth to this sweet, big boy! although he was so itty bitty then. He has accomplished so much in his first 6 months of life and Daniel and I could not be more proud of him. From sitting up, to eating slices of banana *yup, this boy started solids today! to rolling over and over to get his toys...he is turning into an independent boy vs. a completely dependent on mom baby. It is definitely bittersweet. Today we tried bananas for the first time...he loved playing with them (note: we are doing baby led weaning so he plays more with his food right now rather than actually eating it all!) after all of the playing and eating, he definitely needed a bath. I am going to bombard you with pictures now so I will keep the writing short and sweet...who doesn't like pictures over words anyway?

**These are his monthly photos: birth-5 months {with month 6 up top} :)
and here is a few photos from today, his half birthday :)
He loves pulling himself up with the help of our hands!
bath time after his first meal :)
his first meal:bananas!
Having fun with dad after the bath!

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom


  1. I am really enjoying reading these...Dad

  2. Vicky,I love that you are doing this blog I am really enjoying reading this!
    love mum