Sunday, January 8, 2012

The joys of motherhood!

Soon {hopefully}that sweet face in the picture will have three teeth smiling at you as well! We are going on week 3 of much for the doctor at the hospital who said we should see them within the next week. Way to get a mom's hopes up, doc! Poor little man has had bursts of pure happiness followed by, what appears to be, burst of pain thanks to his swollen teethless gums. But on to the fun of the day!

Landin enjoyed a fun meal of steamed apples and sliced bananas today! He seems to really enjoy them and he definitely ate more than we expected! Not sure if they gave him some new found energy but he did NOT want to nap at all today. We had a pretty boring day today but sometimes it is nice to be boring! We enjoyed a day full of playing with Landin's toys (while Landin partly joined in/partly watched) watched netflix and has a delicious dinner of pancakes!

I am (once again) leaving you with a short post...I have an upset teething baby to cater to :) We have used our amber teething necklace, teething tablets and frozen fruit inside a teether, but sometimes the best remedy is simply mom's arms and a rocking chair<3

Until tomorrow,
Landin's mom

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